We are a creative team of greeting card specialists who think differently, we shake the dust off lifeless greeting cards and recognise their importance.


You might have thought, are they sisters? DING.DING.DING five points to you!

Company Director Sheleen is a lover of creative art and is the company’s Senior Story Doodler. She is a qualified Design & Technology teacher, with a degree in Design. Sheleen oversees the design and production team and uses her skills and experience to assure the cards look beautiful and are packaged and sent out in good time.

Company Director Simone, assures the cogs are oiled and the ball is rolling – keeping our customers happy. She has been happily married to words for many years now and is also the company’s Senior Story Writer. She is a professional published poet with a degree in English with Creative Writing. Using her creative writing skills she assures we choose the best words in the right order.


‘Curious Pencil Cards’ is an award winning greeting card publisher, who tell stories through each card design. We keep it fresh and authentic all designs are pencil-drawn in-house. We allow the ‘pencil’ to roam the page and be ‘curious’ in all that it does creating memorable, touching messages for all occasions.

We have a packed portfolio of designs currently selling to retailers across the UK. We now have an exciting new platform creating bespoke for corporates to keep the customer/staff emotionally connected and loyal to the company.

Each card is supplied individually cello-wrapped with a gummed envelope, on 350gsm Ariteno Silkweave card. We are FSC friendly, we use paper from responsible sources.


Our aim is to connect people in an otherwise disconnected world. Do you remember how it felt when your grandma put that £5 note in your back pocket? or when you swallowed that cool iced water on the hottest day of the year? That is exactly our point – We love to draw smiles on faces. It’s simple, send a card to someone even when they least expect it and watch their facial expression lighten up, lifting the world up one person at a time. Together let’s share and remember.

“Each card is a crunchy red apple on a coconut tree handpicked for you.”